We pride ourselves on how we care for our patients and residents. We are dedicated to delivering care and services that not only meet our patients needs but, also the needs of those who care for them. Williamsburg Village is pleased to be able to share some of the feedback we receive from patients, residents and their family members.

After back and neck surgery and I could not walk. The therapy department at Accel Williamsburg Village kept me motivated and they were patient with me. I am thankful for the staff of Accel Williamsburg as I will now be able to spend time with my grandkids again.

– V. Houston

After losing the strength in my legs I came to Accel Williamsburg Village. At first it was painful but soon I could see the benefits of my therapy. All of the staff were very nice and I feel better than I expected. I am glad to be doing better than when I arrived.

– C. Lloyd

I came to Accel Williamsburg for wound care and general weakness. The therapy staff and wound nurse were great and explained to me what was going on. I am excited about going home and doing the activities I had a hard time with, as well as feeling less pain and being stronger.

– C. Walker

I needed help after knee surgery and not being able to work in over a year. At first it was painful but as the staff at Accel Williamsburg Village worked with me it became more enjoyable. I am looking forward to returning to home and work.

– D. Moreland

I was admitted to Accel Williamsburg because I have COPD and had a hard time getting around. The staff patiently educated me on dealing with my illness and I am looking forward to taking care of myself at home once again.

– C. Thornton

When I came to Accel Williamsburg I could not walk or use my hands. The therapy staff worked with me so I can now use my hands and walk short distances. I am looking forward to being able to play the piano in church again.

– W. Chambers
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